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Restoring your Home After Fire or Water Damage

Arista Construction Group partners with your insurance construction policy to ensure that all of your home restoration and remodeling needs will be met at fair and affordable rates. The last thing homeowners need is to stress about the next steps in rebuilding after unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances occur. Fire and water damage is something our seasoned professionals are very experienced with and we will make sure full coverage is provided and of course, a seamless convenient process as we begin your home restoration. 

We are a fully licensed and insured company ourselves, so we are able to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and expertise after the unthinkable results of fire and water damage to your home. Quality work is our priority while paying that extra special attention to detail, because customers deserve to be served on the old fashioned values that we are built on and expert specialists and project managers to ensure that we are able to complete projects in a timely manner. We are able to achieve successful, quality, completed home restoration for you through insurance construction in New Jersey. By partnering with our team of experts, we are eliminating all of the second guessing and added anxieties that come with dealing with insurance construction in New Jersey directly. 

We provide insurance construction in New Jersey after fire and water damage has invaded your living space. We build and rebuild homes that we ourselves would be proud to own. Arista Construction Group stays on top of anticipating housing market trends, has a strong belief in client-feedback and open communication throughout the entire home restoration process, and ensures that we are able to create homes adopting all of the right technologies and proper materials for longevity and a house that stands the test of time. 

Steps We Take to Properly Rebuild Your Home After Fire or Water Damage

The first step always begins with the first call to your insurance company. The claims process should be activated as soon as possible. By speaking with an agent about bringing in a restoration contractor to understand what exactly needs to be rebuilt in the event of fire or flooding and how this will be covered. The insurance company will recommend a trusted contractor, with a proven track record, who specializes in this type of home restoration service after fire or water damage. That’s where we come in…

Assess the Entire Home

With any fire or water damage home renovation, we first need to assess and make sure the structural property is safe. This is one of the most important phases of the project. An expert structural engineer will then inspect the foundation and interior to ensure safety before formally beginning home restoration. We will identify all damages. We will also outline the necessary repairs.

Secure the Home

The property needs to be fully secured and cleared to begin work on the home. Again, this is the job for the restoration contractor to secure all but one entry point and board up any broken windows to minimize vandalism or burglary during the rebuilding process for your home. 

Address Structural Repairs

Experienced carpenters and experts need to address any and all structural repairs to make sure the integrity of the house is maintained. Our work covers rebuilding and/or replacing damaged trusses and floor joists and securing interior framework.

Clean the Home

When it comes to fire and water damage during a house renovation there is a certain amount of cleanup work that we specialize in caused by smoke and other debris. We will tackle one room at a time to replace any ruined sheetrock, floor restoration and even help to clean and salvage furnishings. We will address and fix any residue, mold, stains, contaminated air ducts, etc. caused by such fire and water damage.Home restoration after a fire or flooding can range from several weeks to several months. Patience is key to make sure everything is executed properly. Certified restoration technicians are your best partners during this time of recovery.

Inspect & Repair The Electrical System

The electrical system must be thoroughly  inspected and repaired by a licensed electrician in order to ensure full safety. A fire-damaged or flood-damaged home often needs a new breaker box, all new rewiring, fresh outlets and updated fixtures to be fully tested for safety and replaced if not working properly.

Record All Costs During Home Restoration Process

It is best to keep track of all costs for repairs at this time. As a homeowner photos and images should be transferred as a way to prove the full extent of damage and loss so companies can accurately determine what is covered by the insurance and there are no surprise costs. We are here to help the claim process and detailed records to make it easier to partner with your insurance company.

I had a house fire and thank goodness I was referred to Arista Construction. Andrew consulted with me from A-Z for thru whole process. From Electric Carpentry, Roofing, Gutters, Arista Construction did it all! My house looks phenomenal now.

Andree Edwards

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